Trout Brook Arborists Newsletter # 9

Trout Brook Arborists Newsletter # 9


The year is drawing to a close and November is here! The autumn leaves are falling, and now, trees are just waiting to be carpeted with white, glistening snow as temperatures drop and winter approaches. The holidays are here, and after a tough year, some esprit de corps is necessary to keep us going ...CONTINUE READING


Q: Why should I clean my gutters?
Andrew: Over time, water from a clogged gutter causes mold and water damage to the roof, eves, and fascia — the board behind the gutters. If water is not channeled away from the house, it ends up next to the foundation and in the basement. There is also the risk of an ice dam, which occurs when snowmelt refreezes on a roof overnight. The weight and expansion properties of the ice threaten to break the roof and ...CONTINUE READING


Winter is a popular time to prune your trees. Many times, people think that as trees become dormant and lose their leaves, the tree care is on hold until spring. However, that is not the case. From November–December until February–March, trees are in their dormancy period while they take a rest and wait for the warmer weather to wake them up. This is the best time to prune ...CONTINUE READING

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