Trout Brook Arborists Newsletter # 10

Trout Brook Arborists Newsletter # 10


This year I realized, in a lightbulb moment, that we are at a turning point of tree decline, consistent with aging of the town canopy and an anomalous series of storms. The tall trees in West Hartford, which people planted when first building the houses, have lived through decades of storms and road construction, and are now nearing their end. Never before has there been such a high need for turnover of our mature trees. When various contractors built the suburbs from the late 1920s through ...CONTINUE READING


Live oaks, the state trees of Georgia, are iconic for their large branches, which bear beautiful green foliage and Spanish moss.

Although live oak trees are not native to New England, the tree carries an important history and purpose in North America. Native along the coast from Virginia to Florida, and as far west as Oklahoma and Texas, live oak trees are members of the beech family. They can grow to be anywhere from 65–85 feet tall and weigh ...CONTINUE READING


The White Mountains of New Hampshire, part of the northern Appalachians, cover about a quarter of the state and even creep into Maine a bit. They are considered to be the most rugged mountains in New England and offer an incredible exploration and hiking experience. There are many places to pull over while driving through to snap some breathtaking photos and catch some beautiful views. However, if hiking is more of your style, the White Mountains offer many challenging hiking ...CONTINUE READING

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