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Company and Team Information

We are a dedicated team of early risers with a passion for executing significant tree projects.

We prevent tree failure during storms and promote tree replacement by removing hazardous or dead trees before they fail. We also provide educational materials on tree planting to our clients to help maintain a cool canopy in our communities.

We regularly attend industry conferences and tradeshows, and actively participate in online communities of tree company owners.

Service Overview

Our services include Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Shrub Pruning and Ornamental Tree Pruning, Lawn installation, Property cleanups, and Leaf cleanup.

 Yes, we provide services to both residential and commercial clients. We also have a long history of offering discounted services to nonprofit organizations.

The majority of our projects are completed within a timeframe of two hours to a full day.

In most cases, we offer a free consultation. However, longer written reports for multiple trees may incur a fee if they need to be notarized or defended to a third party such as an insurance company or neighboring property owners.

Quality Assurance and Safety

We utilize low impact equipment and place mats on the lawn as needed. Our clients in West Hartford have high standards for their lawns, and we have developed strategies over many years in business to prevent lawn damage.

Our salespeople typically also serve as your project manager. We stay local so we can visit each job. Each crew also has a leader who communicates with the client and works as part of the crew.

We have a 2 million dollar umbrella liability policy which includes workers compensation.

We hold CT arborist s6222 and MA arborist 2527 certifications. We also have a Home Improvement contractor license HIC 06434.

We conduct regular OSHA ten-hour training along with workshops on chainsaw safety and maintenance twice a year.

Service Specifics: Emergency Tree Removal

We can respond the same day, typically within 3 hours or less.

We can share our prior experiences and help you formulate the right questions to ask your agent to better understand your policy.

You are immediately responsible for removing the tree from the structure to prevent water damage and further structural damage. You can use the first available qualified contractor at a reasonable and customary cost. Delaying this process may void your policy coverage as it could be seen as neglecting your duty of care to secure your property against further loss

Service Specifics: Commercial and Residential Tree Risk Assessment

Yes, we can provide detailed reports for campus properties to help develop management plans for organizations with large land areas.

We recommend trimming overgrown, wide trees for end weight reduction and removing dead wood. Trees showing signs of trunk rot should also be removed.

Service Specifics: Stump Grinding

Yes, we can remove the debris and level the area after grinding.

Yes, we offer cleanup services after stump grinding.

Yes, the ground stump can be used as mulch or in gardening. We can also save you money by leaving the grinding debris. While it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as regular mulch, it serves the same function and can be beneficial for the edge of the woods or a backyard garden.

Billing and Customer Support

We prefer check and cash, but we also accept credit cards with a 3% processing fee that is charged to us by the carrier.

We are available from 7am to 5:30pm and after hours for emergencies by text or voice message.

Yes, you can reach us at or by filling out our quote form on the website.

We maintain an office above our equipment yard. However, it is not staffed with an office attendant every day.

Our salespeople welcome feedback and complaints so that we can provide the best service to meet your expectations. We ask for prompt communications so we can also fix the problem promptly.

Due to the variables of weather, personnel, and equipment availability, we can only confirm a project about two days before the work. We are also flexible so if that day doesn’t work, we can reschedule your job

Tools, Techniques & Compliances

We use a 75 ft bucket truck, a track spider lift, and crane-assisted grapple saw tree removal. We own three large-capacity chippers and chip trucks. We have a tool for every type of job.

We have weekly and monthly maintenance plans and perform daily visual checks on all our equipment.

Yes, our spider lift and Avant loaders are low impact, but small equipment to fit in tight yards and gates.

We employ five types of arboriculture pruning: Crown raising, crown thinning, crown cleaning of deadwood and broken branches, crown reduction for end weight reduction, and storm restoration pruning. We perform crane removals with traditional rope rigging of branches, or using a grapplesaw crane.

Yes, all trunk wood and debris is removed in a timely fashion within 24 hours, unless the homeowner wishes to keep the trunk wood for their own firewood or lumber.

We transport it to a recycling plant where it is ground and turned into mulch by cooking it in a large pile. Sometimes the wood can end up as paper pulp or pallets. Occasionally, it ends up as lumber in a home project, because we mill a few logs a year at our shop. Most yard trees have too many imperfections like side branching and metal nails, to be good for commercial grade lumber usage

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