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We provide comprehensive solutions for tree and shrub care. Our services include garden aesthetics, reviving sick plants and trees, and trimming and pruning services. Our team of professionals care about your trees.

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We provide comprehensive solutions for every size of tree and every type of shrub care needs. Our services include: garden aesthetics, soil nutrient care, pruning and trimming, plant/tree stress related issues, and comprehensive solutions to tree and shrub care.

All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you know that you’re getting quality service at a competitive price. We offer free estimates on all work so call us today!

Tree Shrub Care

Creating an oasis in your garden

With his plant-based solutions, Andrew will beautify your garden with nature's best while providing the necessary solutions to keep them healthy and green!

Garden Aesthetics Care

We offer a variety of services, including tree trimming, fertilization, and more! Our tree trimming service can help you keep your yard looking beautiful with well-trimmed trees and fresh flowers.

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The Google rating of 4.9/5 stars is very important to us, and we strive to maintain this score.

Scott WinnScott Winn
11:11 19 Feb 22
Andrew and his team showed up 2 hours after the tree hit the house. They carefully and safely were able to remove the tree with no further damage. The insurance company covered his costs. We could not be happier with the turn around time, professionalism and the quality of equipment and skill used to execute the job! Unfortunate circumstances thrown at us from mother nature but great results! Thank you again Andrew!!
Barry GoldbergBarry Goldberg
19:24 27 Jan 22
Very professional, courteous and careful staff. Experience operating various equipment for several hard to reach scenarios. Safely done and left the property clean.
Dawn BensonDawn Benson
13:34 16 Jan 22
We had a large tree fall on our house causing significant storm damage and needed it removed in an emergency situation. We called Trout Brook Arborist & Landscaping. They responded quickly and were at our home within hours. Their quick response prevented further damage to our home.These guys were great!!! Andrew and his crew were professional and highly skilled tree removal specialists. Their “state of state art” equipment allowed them to precisely and safely complete the job and secure our home. They also shielded our home and roof with materials to protect it from any water damage. We highly recommended this professional tree removal company. They made an emergency situation less stressful and much easier to manage. We can’t thank them enough!
Bruce TuthillBruce Tuthill
03:00 04 Dec 21
Andrew and his crew are great to work with. They showed up when they said they would, were very courteous and went over all work to be done before proceeding. Two large trees needed pruning and the crew worked meticulously selecting the branches to be cut. They were considerate of the neighbors and cleaned up all debris before leaving. They did great work at a reasonable price. I highly recommend them as arborists.
Fung LeeFung Lee
22:45 14 Oct 21
Andrew responded my request promptly. His knowledge about the ‘trees’ is phenomenal! They have ALL the right equipments and have the job down very professionally ! Removed 3 big and tall tress in one day! We are very happy with the results! He charged very reasonable price too!

We know that caring for your plants can be a daunting task. We're here to help!

We are proud to be one of the leading arborist companies in Connecticut. We also offer free hazard tree assessments so that our customers are aware of any risks posed by their current trees or those under their care.

Tired plants?

If your plants are drooping or wilting but you don't know why, don't worry! We offer a variety of services to diagnose the problem and get your plants back on track.

Ph level Care for soil

Healthy plants need one key component - pH balance! Our team can help restore the pH balance in your soil if it is too acidic or too alkaline.

We are Licensed Arborists and Certified Horticulturalist

Andrew Bachman is an arborist designated by Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. He can help determine which trees add value and which trees present a risk.

The title of “Massachusetts Certified Horticulturalist” (MCH) is awarded to professionals who have served in the industry more than 3 years and passed a rigorous exam on a range of horticultural topics and over 700 latin plant identifications and characteristics.

For your protection, we carry high limits on our worker’s compensation insurance, from a TCIA approved, Arborist specific insurance carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work in West Hartford Newington Bloomfield Farmington and the west end of Hartford. Experience the highest standards of tree-trimming practices with competitive rates & insured staff. 
Our experienced arborists are equipped with machines and cranes to prune trees of any size. We clean up after the trimming so your site remains clean.

Typically, we charge between $125 and $150 per man-hour with 2 or 3 people onsite for the pruning of small trees and tall hedges, with a 700$ minimum to make the project viable for us. We also want to make certain that the customer receives sufficient value for that price to warrant our visits.

We’d appreciate it if you sent us a few pictures after you call. Most trees become diseased or infested as a result of environmental stress or physical damage. This could include flooding or digging up roots.   
Often, we can diagnose without visiting the site, saving you and us both time and energy. We need three different angles of the tree plus some close-ups of the affected areas of leaves or trunk.
Our company doesn’t offer pest treatment for its clients, we do fertilize services, however, we can assist in making referrals and finding the resources for your pest management.
It is certainly acceptable to prune the tree on your side if the tree hangs over your property and the pruning will not adversely affect the tree’s health.  
This doesn’t mean you can shave a tree to an unsightly condition or that you shouldn’t contact the neighbor to let them know what you are planning on doing. 
It’s always good to be in contact with your neighbor. And it is a courtesy that you would hope they would extend to you also.
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