How To Use Copper Nails To Kill A Tree Stump?

How To Use Copper Nails To Kill A Tree Stump?

How to use copper nails to kill a tree stump. Copper is the best way to remove a tree stump and make mulching easy.


If you’re looking for an efficient way to remove a tree stump, copper nails may be your best option. Copper nails are not only effective at removing tree stumps, but they also pose a much lower risk of causing damage to surrounding trees and soil.

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What are copper nails?

When killing a tree stump, copper nails are often recommended as a natural and effective solution. The theory is that the copper will react with the chemicals in the tree stump and kill it. While this may work in some cases, it is not a guaranteed method and can be pretty time-consuming.

How to use copper nails to kill a tree stump

Step 1: Cut nails about 2 inches long and place them at a 45-degree angle across the top of the stump.

Step 2: Drive nails into the stump until they are about 1 inch from the bottom.

Step 3: Use a hammer to drive copper nails further into the stump. Keep pressure on the nails with your hammer, so they don’t come out.

copper nails to kill a tree stump
copper nails to kill a tree stump

Pros and cons of using copper nails to kill tree stumps

When it comes to killing tree stumps, there are a few different methods that you can use. One popular way is to use copper nails. But what are the pros and cons of using this method?


  • Copper nails are readily available and relatively inexpensive.
  • They are easy to use – drive the nails into the stump.
  • Copper is a natural element that is not harmful to the environment.


  • It can take several weeks or even months for the copper nails to kill the stump completely.
  • This method is only sometimes 100% effective. Some tree stumps are just too tough and resilient to be killed by copper nails alone.

Looking for a natural way to kill a tree stump on your property? Copper nails may be the solution. Our team of tree care experts at Trout Brook Tree can help you safely and effectively use copper nails to kill a tree stump. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your tree stump removal project.

Why would you want to kill a tree stump?

There are a few reasons someone might want to kill a tree stump.

  • First, if the stump is blocking the path of a property or vehicle, it can be removed.
  • Second, if the stump is decaying and causing damage to the ground around it, it can be removed.
  • Third, it can be removed if the stump is dangerous or unsightly.
copper nails to kill a tree stump
copper nails to kill a tree stump

What are the five benefits of using a copper nail?

  1. Copper nails are effective at killing tree stumps.
  2. Copper nails penetrate the stump more quickly than other materials and create a giant hole that helps sap flow out of the stump and kill it from the inside.
  3. Copper nails have a low melting point, so they won’t cause damage to surrounding trees or pavement while being used.
  4. Copper nails can be reused multiple times, reducing environmental waste and disposal costs.
  5.  Copper nails are less likely to cause collateral damage than other materials used to remove tree stumps, such as chainsaws or axes

Are there any drawbacks to using a copper nail?

There are a few potential drawbacks to using copper nails. Copper is a metal susceptible to corrosion, like all metals. 

The copper nail could start to rust over time, leading to instability and potential damage to your home or furniture. Additionally, copper nails are less potent than other types of nails, so they may not be as durable for construction or other uses.

How to properly dispose of a tree stump after using a copper nail to kill it

When you’ve killed a tree stump using a copper nail, it’s essential to dispose of it properly. Here’s how:

  1. Remove the copper nail from the stump.
  2. Using a shovel, dig around the stump to loosen it from the ground.
  3. Pull the stump out of the ground. If it’s too heavy or difficult to remove, you can cut it into smaller pieces with a saw.
  4. Once the stump is out of the ground, you can leave it as is or chop it up into smaller pieces for more straightforward disposal. If you choose to chop it up, wear gloves and eye protection since there will be flying wood chips.
  5. Dispose of the stump in whatever way you see fit – burning, burying, or taking it to the dump are all popular options.
copper nails to kill a tree stump
copper nails to kill a tree stump


Copper nails are a popular and effective solution when removing a tree stump. While copper nails have some drawbacks, such as the time it takes to kill the stump completely, they are often a faster and less damaging alternative than other methods. If you want to remove a tree stump using copper nails, follow the above simple steps.

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