A Pro’s Thoughts on how to Replace a Tree Properly

A Pro’s Thoughts on how to Replace a Tree Properly

 As an arborist, I focus on pruning trees before a wind storm blows the tree over entirely.  The original homebuilders in the 1920s chose fast-growing species like silver maple, elm and ash.  And fast-growing trees tend to have weak wood.  Years of strong summer storms and root disturbances from yard digging, and have taken a toll on our trees.  As the pioneering arborist Alex Shigo said “Trees cannot move, they either endure or die.”

When I am hired to remove a yard tree, I always encourage a homeowner to replant it with a new tree that has the potential to shade the house in the future.  I believe it’s our sacred covenant with the future innocent occupants of our homes (and the bird life) to replace, not with small trees, but with tall growing, shady trees.  

 With the recent stress of the summer drought, many trees have lost leaves early and will fruit heavily next year.   Never before have older trees so desperately wanted to replace themselves as right now.  

Yet we must be the ones to replant for them…

When it comes time to replace our trees, there is a better way.  I want to share with you storm-resilient, dense wood species, as well as methods to grow and establish these trees to maturity in your front yard.

As the Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”  Go and make the earth green with one of my hand-picked trees, perfect for our New England climate.

Tall Growing Hardwood Trees 45 – 80 ft
Sugar maple
White oak American yellowwood
American linden tree
American elm (disease-resistant variety)

Smaller Trees 15-25 feet
Kousa Dogwood
Flowering Crabapple
Japanese stewartia
“Saucer” magnolia

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